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Entertainment Center
Entertainment Center showing interior Ceramic pot detail

Entertainment Center

The top and base are Redwood burl veneer. The abutments are Brazilian Rosewood veneer, book matched on the front corner to give the appearance of a massive solid piece of Rosewood. The display cases are finished with a flat black lacquer and fitted with interior lighting. The glass shelves have a curved front that project outside the cabinet space and pulls the viewer into the display.

The pocket doors are genuine Mahogany veneer. Behind the lower doors are 5 drawers for storage of media tapes. The upper portion of the cabinet houses a big screen TV, stereo and cable equipment.

The crown appears to be supported on the ends by ceramic pots. These pots are covered with a diamond pattern that reflects the upholstery of other pieces of furniture in the room. The pots are pierced at the corners of the diamonds, with a high intensity light bulb in the center of the pot which lends a real sparkle to this piece.

Price: $15000

Dimensions: 112" wide x 28" deep x 108" high.

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