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Chess Table and Chairs (photo by Dewy Mear) Table top detail (photo by Dewy Mear)
Chair carving detail (photo by Dewy Mear)

Chess Table and Chairs

Italian Renaissance Chess table & chairs in white oak and various veneers

The table is a Dantesca style made from White Oak. The aprons are inlaid with panels of pommele Sapele which grows in Nigeria and along the African Ivory Coast. These panels have a "pommele" grain pattern that resembles a puddle surface during a light rain. The table top is trimmed in Sapele and diamond pattern inlay strips made from dyed woods. The corner panels on the table top and the ovals on the legs are crotch Mahogany which is cut from the crotch of the tree - the part where a branch grows from the trunk. The panels centered on each side of the table top are Carpatian Elm burl and the intertwined chain links are English Sycamore.

The chairs are Savonarola style, made from white oak. The decorative carving is basswood.

Both table & chairs are finished with several coats of lacquer.

The price listed is for table and two chairs as shown. Individually, chairs are $1500.

Price: $12500

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