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Station 6: Christ is beaten and crowned with thorns Station 10: Christ is nailed to the cross
Details of relief carving

Stations of the Cross

All Saint's Chapel
Camp Allen Retreat Center
Navasota, Texas

Each station has a mesquite Cross and a relief carving that depicts the events or thoughts of the station. The background of each station is a veneered starburst pattern that is centered on the cross. Each station in the set has a different species of veneer background that was selected to express the event depicted by that station. The oval relief carvings were executed in bass wood. Below the carving is a small plaque with the appropriate scripture laser engraved in mesquite. Mesquite is also used to frame each station.

This is an alternate set of Stations, each one being scriptural and includes a 15th station - the empty tomb!

1. Jesus'agony in the garden
2. Betrayed by Judas
3. Condemned by the Sanhedrin
4. Peter's denial
5. condemned by Pilate
6. scourged and crowned with thorns
7. Jesus made to carry his cross
8. Simon of Cyrene bears the Cross
9. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
10. Jesus is nailed to the cross
11. Paradise promised to the repentant thief
12. Jesus speakes to Mary and John from the cross
13. Jesus dies on the cross
14. Jesus is buried in the tomb
15. The empty tomb

Price: $28500

Dimensions: 15" wide x 1" deep x 36" high.


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