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Armoire in Four Part Harmony

Armoire in Four Part Harmony

This beautiful armoire in four part harmony is constructed from Maple, Spalted Pecan, Koa and Olive Ash Burl. The four woods were selected to reflect my clients love of four-part a cappella harmony. The entire piece is done in frame and panel construction. The lower part of the Armoire is bureau-like in appearance with six drawers arranged in two columns of three drawers each. This portion is constructed of Koa with maple framing extending to the floor in the corners to form legs. Above the bureau-like portion, are four small drawers in olive ash burl. These four drawers delineate the separation between the bottom and top of the piece. The top portion sits back from the bottom part and has two doors curved to match the curved top of the Armoire. The panel-portion of these doors is Spalted Pecan. Behind the doors are shelves to store folded clothes. The doors are closed using magnetic door latches. The retro 50s look to the drawer pulls enhances overall whimsy of the piece.

Price: $8500

Dimensions: 48" wide x 24" deep x 84" high.

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