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Television Console

Television Console

This simple frame and panel cabinet was designed to support a television set and house various pieces of electronic equipment. There are cable management holes strategically located in the top, shelves and base. Behind each glass door is an adjustable shelf. Drop pendent pulls in oiled bronze match the espresso color of the wood. The Koa panels are framed with a new material Roasted Birch. Its deep espresso color seems to be very popular this year. Roasted Birch is yellow birch that has been kiln dried and then heated to caramelize the sugar in the wood. The wood is then rehydrated to the proper moister content. The resultant deep brown color is uniform throughout the wood. This means that the wood does not need to be stained to obtain this rich looking color. If this furniture ever gets nicked or scratched, there is no light colored wood to show through.

Price: $3500

Dimensions: 42" wide x 25" deep x 25" high.

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